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TITLE: Poem about gap year spent in Uganda by British student

This is a beautiful poem about the feeling of being in Africa. It is written by Ruth Turner, a participant of Africa Venture, which organises voluntary work for gap year students in Africa. She expresses the benefits of doing a gap year very well. Her happiness at doing it could not be more clearly expressed.


"AV News" Newsletter 1999 by Africa and Asia Venture.


Dreaming of Africa


Being in Africa

Was like living a dream

The friends I've made

And the things I have seen.


Now that I'm home

What do I do?

I feel myself slipping

Into the life I once knew


Water on tap

Electricity by touch

"Do you think these shoes

With this lippy's too much?"


I keep on going

I wear myself out

So I'm not kept awake

By these feelings of doubt.


I fall into sleep

And I lose the day

I'm travelling again

The hurt slips away.


Easily transported

Across time, across land

I'm back on the coast now

Lying on the sand.


From here I might drift

With friends or alone

Back to school in Uganda

The place I call home.


Or maybe it's the weekend

Lazing at "Backpackers"

Clubbing in Kampala

Coming back knackered.


Our group round the campfire

Sing in perfect harmony

The chatter intent

The atmosphere balmy.


I dream of Africa

Warmth all around

The friendships I've made

The love I found.


I wake up with a start

To the cold and the grey

This oppressive atmosphere

The standard British day.


But then I smile

I remember all I've done

Itís not only in my dreams

I've felt the African sun.


Ruth Turner - spent gap year teaching in Uganda

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