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Here's my contribution to the literary world. I very seldomly share it, it shows a side of me that make people believe I didn't write it.
I've never been this sad again.

Story Books

(originally titled "A Song for Ben")

Sometimes I stare at the trees and write stories in my head

If I ever put anything on paper, I'd have a million books by now

There would be one about broken hearts and long gone dreams

And one about beautiful ladies who never win the game

And probably two at least about true love and other fantasies

And some about cats who could fly, and dogs that don't bite

And more about children living forever if they wanted in a country where it never snowed

One perhaps on growing old, and how I'll be when I get there

And some of songs that only those trees will hear (which is too bad because they're lovely songs)

Then the books of poems that would go on and on and on . . .

I remember one about flowers and where they vacation in winter

And another one about bubble gum getting stuck in my hair

There's the book about friends that never leave you and toys that never die

But I think the best and biggest book of all

Is the one about how much I love you.

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