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TITLE: Poem by Fluffy Will


I like a woman

who is never out of breath.

Makeup doesn't matter

for it has no breadth.


I like a woman

who sits and dreams.

She lives her life in

the most sacred of means.


I like a woman

who isn't gawdy or frail.

Who reads life as if blind

with her soul writ in brail.


I like a woman

who has the earth in her eyes.

Who sits on the mountain

making daisy ties.


I like a woman

who work patient with a song.

Who opens her heart

and lets the world sing along.


I like a woman

for just as she is.

No hatred or spite

hidden or left amiss.


I like a woman

who is like the sunrise.

Who loves life's ups and downs

and opens each day with praise.


I like a woman

who dreams of the stars.

And doesn't look for men

in dirty old musty bars.


I like a woman

with mud on her face.

Every hair on her head

is in perfect place.


I like a woman

who never forgets.

Who always is caring

with a lovingly kiss.


I like a woman

who is carved from stone.

Only the ages have

given such tone.


I like a woman

who drinks from my cup.

Who is my equal

and life she does sup.


I like a woman

who is open to life.

A tender young dreamer

and eternal as a wife.


I like a woman

for just being herself.

And I can contently

by my own self.


I like a woman

from where I have been.

Who can see the truth

in this unworldly man.

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