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POET PROFILE: Mr. Wewage Andrew Khushil Dep

This profile is of a visitor to the site who wanted me to host his poetry collection. This is his own page and profile.

My name is Wewage Andrew Khushil Dep. A Sri Lankan born on the 19th of April 1977 in Colombo. I moved to the United Kingdom when I was 9 years old and have lived in Hertfordshire. I got into IT a while ago and made it my career. Mostly I code or play online games, but I do also have a life. I club where I can - London, Stevenage, Paris, Rome and Madrid ... err ... well maybe just the first two in all truth. I have a diverse taste in music ranging from Garth Brooks to Happy Hardcore. I have made many mistakes and learnt from most of them. I am not a 'if only' person but a 'oh well' person. There's always tomorrow and maybe another light at the end of the tunnel. I have a light view on life and fear love the most. I write poetry when passionate and am a complete block head at all other times. I have loved greatly and lost worse but I am still standing and have retained some of my humor but alas none of my heart. My one line : 'Love will shield all expect the man that loves.'

Download Khushil's collection "Lost echoes" (Adobe PDF)
Download "I remember" - dedicated to the one true love in his life - Tina Digby (Word)
You love me (Word)
Who is he (Word)

Any comments or questions for Khushil? Send them to [email protected].

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