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CHOOSE A GAP YEAR. Choose the most amazing 15 months you'll ever have in your life, choose being a ski instructor in Canada or a cattle rancher in Colorado, choose a drama course in Stratford or a tennis coach in Swindon, choose SCUBA on the Barrier Reef or an assistant pulling teeth.....

choose teaching in Sri Lanka or a language course in La Manca,
choose an orphanage in Mexico or a care home in Pimlico,
choose a creative design studio in London or an IT company in Bolton,
choose a deck hand in the Caribbean or a journalist placement with a Fijian,
choose a year with the BBC, the Grand Canyon tour, or working by the sea,
choose cuddling koalas, swimming with dolphins, trekking on elephants, photographing gorillas and feeding crocodiles
choose the world's biggest bungee, rafting mental rivers and pant browning 12,000 foot sky dives,
choose standing on The North Pole jumping across the Equator and sitting on Ayers Rock,
choose deferring and entry to the University of your choice and actually having something on your CV worth talking about,
choose having a life, making the most of it and living it to the full.
Choose what you want to do for a change and blow the rest.
Anyone can talk about it, be a cut above the rest....choose a Gap Year.

From the gap year site - www.gapyear.com

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