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Written January 2000

"The Quotations and Sayings Database" has been created over a period of two years by using collections from the Internet and personal collections of quotations. It is an invaluable site which has quotations listed by topic and author, as well as a search engine that enables the user to find a specific quote or author. The search engine has the ability to search for words that "sound like" the ones being searched for. It contains about 150 pages and about 20Mb. of textual data, as at 22nd January 2000.

From the period of November 1999 to January 2000, the total page views per day have been logged as 350 to 1000 respectively, an increase of 285% in 3 months. This growth is attributed to personal user recommendations. No money has been spent in promoting this site, and its only agents of promotion are users, Internet web-rings, and banner exchanges.

The first design was a site hosting the personal quotation collections from different individuals and sources. A demand for quotes by topics then blossomed and accordingly, a new section was created which supplied a popular range of quotes from various sources with their permission. I have since created a poetry index that hosts my own and guests' poetry. I developed this excellent, enriching hobby because of the users. I am acknowledged by many Internet poets for my amateur poetry and write to a large audience. A section of the website acts as an index and searchable repository of my past poems.

As time passed, I added facilities to the site that would help the user with odd tasks such as finding a job online and researching government information. A dramatic change of style and imagery then occurred. At this stage, I placed my site on numerous "web-rings" and enrolled with a large amount of search engines and directories. A sudden upsurge of visitors was seen. Many sites were linked to my own.

The increase was sustained. I wanted to offer my visitors more than just a site, I wanted it to be an experience. This had to be an experience free of technical gimmicks or tacky writing. I established the "Quote of the week". My next objective is to let users host their own site of poetry and quotation collections. This is my last dream and I am determined to make it happen. People who write poetry will get the exposure that will help them in the turbulent and risky online business involving writing.

I thoroughly enjoy this unique experience, which in most cases is acknowledged by personal comments rather that in monetary terms. As a student, I have a fresh and genuine interest in what I am doing. I have worked very hard on the site and every user comment inspires me to refine the site further. This is my salary, tax-free from the people of the world!

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